Gas Safety Certificate – Information for Tenants

It is important for you to ensure that your landlord is operating within the confines of the gas safety regulations.

There are specific obligations that your landlord MUST follow with regards to gas safety. It does not matter whether the property is leased to you just for a short while or a 9 months student accommodation or temporary holiday let, what you need to know is that these regulations MUST be followed as breaking the law can lead to a serious RISK to your safety and life.

As a general overview, your landlord MUST follow the obligations state below:

  • Make sure that all the appliances within your premise are in a workable condition
  • Look to ensure that the safety checks are carried out annually
  • Get access to a copy of the Gas Safety Certificate in 28 days in the event that you are an existing tenant, or get one before you move in
  • If you are leasing the property for less than a month, make sure that the gas safety certificate is placed in a position where anyone can see it

What to do if you think your landlord isn’t gas safe?
In the event that you have not been supplied with the property gas safe record, it is your right to demand the it from your landlord. However, in the event that the landlord does not wish to follow this obligation, you can take action by forwarding your complaint to the House and Safety Executive through the official HSE website.
Besides that, it is important for you to note that failure to adhere to gas safety requirements is a serious offense against the law, and the HSE is mandated to caution your landlord, or take legal action.