Electrical Safety Certificate (Periodic Inspection Report)

At Zen Inspections, we have a team of highly qualified electricians who are NIC EIC registered. Our electricians perform residential electrical inspections for landlords, housing councils and estate agents throughout London.

A periodic inspection report, also known as Electrical Installation Condition Report will give you a detailed report to make sure that all electrical equipment / wiring is safe. The inspection recognizes dangerous electrical circumstances that may be attributed to an array of damages such as deteriorating equipment, or defects. All non-compliances are identified and noted. Your will receive a electrical certificate along with a report that details all corrective work that is required to fix the problems identified. A periodic inspection report is compulsory and must be completed if a landlord will be renting their property through a housing council.

If you are a landlord and you have not had your electrical equipment inspected within the past five years, we suggest having it done as soon as possible. Every year, there are approximately 4,200 electrical accidents, with 35 of them fatal, throughout the United Kingdom. It is the responsibility of landlords to make sure that electrical appliances and related equipment are functioning correctly and safe for people to use.

- Absence Of Electrical Safety Certificate or a Periodic Inspection Report
Landlords who do not comply with the Electrical Equipment Safety Regulation or the Consumer Protection Act can be fined up-to £5,000 and spend six months behind bars. It is the landlords responsibility to ensure the full safety of their tenants and failure to comply is a criminal offense. Tenants also have the right to take landlords to court over any damages resulting from a unsafe property. The landlord’s insurance will be rendered invalid under these circumstances.

The periodic inspection report that we provide is widely accepted by institutions, such as:

  • Banks
  • Councils
  • Health and Safety Departments
  • Insurance Providers

- How often should a Periodic Inspection report carried out?
Periodic inspections are required every five years for businesses, annually for public buildings, and either every five years or each time a change in tenancy occurs for domestic properties.

- How long does the Periodic Inspection process take at the property?
A periodic inspection can take 30 mins to 2 hours. The length of time is dependent on the condition of the current installation.

During the inspection, all observations, recommendations, earth arrangements, and supply characteristics will be documented. While the bulk of the inspection is done from a visual perspective, there will be operational tests. Upon completion, you will be provided with the list of tests that were performed and the items that were involved.