Boiler Service

We at Zen Inspections, are a leading online company providing Boiler Servicing to customer throughout Greater London. We have a large network of highly quality engineers that will thoroughly service your boiler which includes the following:

  • Fire up the boiler and check for its basic operations.
  • Identify any initial faults.
  • Remove the boiler case and clean the inner components so its free from dirt deposits and look for any potential damage.
  • Check the gas appliance tank.
  • Check the gas valve to make sure the boiler’s combustion is working properly.
  • Check the filter.
  • Carry out a gas tightness check to make sure there isn’t any leaks.

We guarantee the services we provide. Our network of engineers are all Gas Safe certified. They have all went through both a rigorous academic program and hands on training. This is so we can ensure that our team is made of the best, and most qualified engineers out there.

Our boiler service prices start from £69.99, please visit our prices page for more information.

Why its important to service your boiler?

A lot of people rarely consider checking out their boilers until they have broken down and can no longer function properly. Here are some reasons why you need to make sure that you get your boiler serviced regularly.

      • Emergency breakdown can cost a lot of money. A annual boiler service can prevent this as our engineers will be able to detect any potential or minor problems which can be fixed right away.
      • Servicing your boiler can save your life. The reason for this lies in the fact that it prevents gas leaks especially carbon monoxide poisoning.
      • Cutting down on energy bills is another reason since a well serviced boiler operates more efficiently, making sure that it does not waste energy.
      • Keeping your insurance cover valid. The reason for this is because a good number of warranties that come with the boilers are valid only if you keep the device serviced.
      • Legal obligations. As a landlord it is a legal obligation to you to make sure that gas boilers are serviced, and most importantly you get issued a Gas Safety certificate.