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What are the components of a Landlord Gas Safety Inspection?

In the event of an inspection, the approved engineer will usually look at different things within the premises. One thing that you have to ensure is that your engineer is certified to check your appliances and issue your gas safety certificate. We have a large network of qualified and registered gas safety engineers throughout United Kingdom. Some of the things that they are certified to check includes:-

  • Make sure that the pressure test points are available, and ensure the pressure is ok.
  • Ensure that the appliances are gas tight.
  • You should also look to ensure that there is enough ventilation within the premises.
  • The flue flow should be checked to make sure that combustible products are properly emitted.
  • The burner pressure should correspond with the one indicated by the manufacture.
  • Ensure that all flame devices are operating properly.
  • All stability brackets should be well fitted, and operational.
  • In the event that there is any appliance that is in operation but can be deemed unsafe, you should check it and file a report to the relevant authorities.

A property without a Gas safety certificate, invalidates building insurance?

In the event that you do not have a valid gas safety certificate, your building insurance gets invalidated, but besides that, you are also in breach of the law.

We at Green Gas Safety send you a automated reminded way in advance to when our certificate expires. This will make sure that you always have a valid gas safety certificate in place.